WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Solo Shuffle Tier List (2023)

Here we update the Dragonflight 10.0.7 PvP Tier List for Solo Shuffle, which covers the new best DPS and Healer classes for gaining unbeatable gameplay and ranking fast on the Arena ladder!

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 PvP Tier List & Ranking for Solo Shuffle (DPS & Healers)

Solo Shuffle in WoW Dragonflight is the number one way to play rated arena in World of Warcraft Dragonflight right now, and you get a lot of great casual content and gameplay out of that bracket, 2v2 and 3v3 is a dead and dying bracket unfortunately. If you're trying to figure out what class to play in Solo Shuffle or if you just you know wanting to see where your class stands in the solo Shuffle bracket, follow us to check out the Dragonflight 10.0.7 Solo Shuffle PvP Tier List that is based on the class balances rolled out in the patch!

1 - Havoc Demon Hunter (S Tier)

If there's any melee that continues to stand out in 10.0.7 Solo Shuffle, it's Demon Hunter. It's definitely the top of melee DPS for solo Shuffle has great survivability blur on an extremely low cooldown, Darkness for those moments when you're willing to roll the dice and some great leech capabilities. Including some early-season nerfs which targeted their burst damage and some of their survivability, don't get us wrong, demon hunter is still really good and if we were to pick a runner up to Assassination Rogue, DH would definitely be in that conversation. One of the key selling points for the class is just the sheer amount of diversity, it has in comp selection where it synergizes with virtually every other spec in the game while also performing well in every bracket.

2 - Retribution Paladin (S Tier)

In 10.0.7, Retribution Paladin is getting some insane changes and ranged abilities. In this rework, we think Retribution Paladin goes to S tier, they're giving Rhett a little wall which is something ret, ret is always needed a non-bubble wall so you get that little 20 DR, you have your Ret shield now, now you also have buff on top of that okay, so you've got four big defenses at that point now. They're giving all these great ranged abilities, they're given Rhett when wings is up 40 yard range, they're getting rid of some spenders and consolidating. So in 10.0.7, we think Retribution Paladin will enter the meta group for Solo Shuffle.

3 - Discipline Priest (S Tier)

There's only one place to put discipline priests when you're talking in regards to Solo Shuffle and that is firmly in the S tier. The Nerfs we saw on March 6th was designed to tone down Disc Priest damage but we really don't think this is a massive change, while it's true that discipline damage could have used some nerfs the specs seemed to be carried more by the efficiency of its defensive cooldowns where it acts like a Swiss Army Knife of CDs for its team. It brings all the damage, many walls right you have a dome and two pain suppressions and most of all your CDs are reset every round but are not affected by dampening Solo Shuffle dampening is always forever ticking essentially, so discipline priest is firmly in the top spot just for that reason alone.

4 - Shadow Priest (S Tier)

Shadow priest is absolutely slapping, it's got all the answers, it brings mind games into the game. And the funniest thing that we've seen is since there are so many discipline priests now, you actually get in these scenarios where the discipline and the shadow priests are so hungry for the kill that you see a target on your team with two mind games on them and you're like Jesus Christ what an oppressive thing to happen to this poor AI in this Solo Shuffle game.

5 - Assassination Rogue (S Tier)

Sea-Doo will be happy to know that assassination might finally be falling off the S tier, initially Rogue hot fixes seemed underwhelming with a measly 5% Nerf to hematoxin, but with the update before the 10.0.7 patch, assassination received a bunch of Nerfs targeting two key issues - cooldown damage and numbing poison. The numbing change is pretty substantial since the spell single-handedly nerfed everyone's damage and healing in Arena which made Assa a complete nuisance for healers and ranged DPS alike. We predict that assets will suffer enough from these changes to put them in line with other melee and for the first time in this expansion we could be entering into a Sub Rogue meta.

6 - Elemental Shaman (S Tier)

Following the 10.0.5 patch's burst damage nerfs and the shifting meta, the Elemental specialization has fallen out of our S-tier ranking. Nonetheless, Elemental remains one of the most adaptable ranged DPS specializations, and even withstanding the aggression of numerous melee opponents, it still excels in dealing remarkable amounts of area-of-effect damage.

7 - Arms Warrior (S Tier)

The Warrior class has undergone several changes since the beginning of the expansion, with Arms emerging as the leading PvP specialization. Following the overhaul of Warrior talent trees in 10.0.5, Arms regained access to Ignore Pain, which moderately improved its defensive capabilities in encounters. Coupled with the recent nerfs to Assassination, these changes have contributed to Arms becoming the top-performing melee specialization in solo play.

8 - Frost Death Knight (A Tier)

Frost is getting some great changes coming into 10.0.7, and the trees getting restructured in a way that's going to make it a little bit more forgiving. You're not going to just have to waste that Talent point to play two-hander, you get biting cold much earlier in the tree. And ow a couple of other you know changes here and that allows us to take ice cap which makes us go about for 45 seconds now as opposed to one minute. So there's a lot of cool stuff happening

for Frost DK, you're going to have some more Frost fever damage to smooth out your damage profile a little bit more. But Frost Death Knight still has the same weaknesses that it has always had which are physical DPS classes with disarms. Overall, Frost is a 100% A tier going into Solo Shuffle 10.0.7, even if you're on a Triangle Caster cleave if you run double grip, it is looking very good.

9 - Unholy DK (A Tier)

Unholy DK is a solid A tier as well. It's pretty underwhelming, you have to press 7 GCDs to get your go rolling and then you're on a 45-second timer from that point forward. There's a lot of great utility and Holy DK is still the king of 2v2s for death Knights as a pet kick. Whatever, it's A tier, though it is a boring spec to play and there's no high-skill setup with Unholy there.

10 - Preservation Evoker (A Tier)

We will also be moving evoker back to the A tier even though dream projection is now dispellable the change to Emerald communion is better than we thought now that the spell is no counter play, it has become one of the best defensive cooldowns in the entire game. When you combine this with the fact that evoker has a pretty good tier set, we are fairly confident moving evoker back up for now.

11 - Beastmaster Hunter (A Tier)

To round out our A tier, we have something probably didn't expect, Beast Mastery Hunter. So far BM has been a bit low-key not because it was weak but instead because other specs have taken their turns in the spotlight. In 10.0.7, BM posted some convincing results in Solo Shuffle where it is now the second most-represented ranged DPS in the EU at the highest ratings.

12 - Survival Hunter (A Tier)

Survival Hunter is a definite A-tier specialization, it can dictate the pace of a game better than even BM Hunter because traps are kind of free on survival and you have the ability to just like Ping Pong between the enemies right? A lot of the value of Hunter in the PvP meta is tied to the fact that assassination is so pervasive, which gives an enormous value to the survival exclusive mending bandage, even though this doesn't hard counter assassination by any means it is definitely an obstacle for the most dominant melee. With that said Survival Hunter seems to require more finesse these days as it definitely is on the squishier side of melee DPS but we still see its potential in every bracket.

13 - Marksman Hunter (A Tier)

Marks Hunter will move its way up to the A tier after a wild ride of class tuning since the early season, if you didn't hear the news yet double tap is gone, literally, it has been nerfed by a 100% by being taken out of the game, initially, this change seemed to sting but it signaled that more future tuning would be possible which is exactly what happened when Blizzard buffed rapid fire and aimed shot in PvP, on top of giving all Hunters a 5 damage buff all of which might have been impossible with the cooldown as powerful as double tap. Anyway, we think Mark's Hunter might now be on a more even playing field with other ranged DPS.

13 - Arcane Mage (A Tier)

Arcane mage does incredible damage, it's an unhittable spec and very difficult to get any uptime on it as a melee. We think Arcane Mage deserves its spot on the A tier as well, but this requires a bit of an explanation. While Arcane might be a tier for the average player it is definitely a spec that becomes stronger with more experience, also we 100% agree that Arcane is worse individually compared to Elemental, but one advantage of Mage is that it has access to the best overall comp with RMX. For those looking to push high ratings this is a big deal and having the best possible Synergy with the best overall DPS in the meta gives Arcane some huge value.

14 - Mistweaver Monk (A Tier)

Mistweaver Monk is proving to be quite strong especially with the increasingly popular fist weaving build, but seems to be clearly behind disco and evoker. They lend themselves to being a really good Shuffle healer whether they're going traditional Mist weaver or Fist Weaver. Fist weaving to 1800 is probably easier than Mist weaving because you're going to get more melee heavy lobbies at low CR and then as you get up past you know like 1900-2000, you'll see a lot more caster heavy lobbies that's what we notice at least.

15 - Destruction Warlock (A Tier)

Destruction Warlock again didn't receive any direct Buffs well as we mentioned before, the increase to the trinket stamina bonus was an indirect buff to all warlocks who have higher Health pools to begin, with but that's not why we're moving them up we actually consider putting Destro warlock on the A tier last update after their previous series of Buffs, but we didn't want to jump the gun at this point though we're pretty confident in Destruction warlock despite the fact that they can get harassed in melee heavy lobbies, they continue to be exceptionally tanky into casters and have a wide array of instant cast damage to carry their DPS.

16 - Restoration Shaman (B Tier)

Although Resto Shamans provide significant damage and offensive support, they do encounter difficulties in terms of healing per second, which is sufficient to put them behind most other healers in their class. In general, Shamans are one of the less adaptable healer specializations, depending heavily on specific encounters to perform well.

17 - Windwalker Monk (B Tier)

We're not ready to move them up to the A-tier quite yet, but they are definitely on the high end of the B-tier especially now after a pretty significant buff to touch of karma, monks already had some of the most efficient defensive cooldowns in the bracket and this just made them better. The main reason we aren't moving Windwalker up is the fact that they can have less desirable lobbies, especially into casters and they continue to have a relatively steep learning curve compared to other melee.

18 - Balance Druid (B Tier)

It's just a middle of the pack specialization for Solo Shuffle, triple melee lobbies can really punish you on a boomkin whereas like a shadow priest has a little bit more flexibility with life swap. Druid who is moving up to the B tier since her last update, even without any Buffs in the hotfixes, we think balance is at a competitive position in Solo Shuffle and is taking the ladder by storm at least in North America. And it might actually be a bit ahead of the meta here, as the Balance Druid 4 piece is proving to be quite strong in PvP, as of right now since disc priests are pretty common in the meta, the infamous root beam combo has gained a ton of value since priests can't use any of their cooldowns while silenced.

19 - Restoration Druid (B Tier)

Restoration Druid is firmly in the B tier, it's sitting in like the 17-1800 bracket right now. They get very aggressive on the Resto Druid as if this were another expansion where like you're trying to bash and clone and set up these large CC chains. It's much more of a PVE style, stay 40 yards back kind of healer now where you're being very reactive to the damage and just trying to roll your like raid hots on players. Resto Druid continues to be the healing King but gets hurt by the relative strength of offensive dispels and the fact that it lacks a major defensive cooldown for its teammates.

20 - Feral Druid (B Tier)

Feral Druid is probably B Tier for Solo Shuffle in 10.0.7, they are extremely squishy and just don't have everything that they used to. They were coming out doing 70-80k DPS before tier sets even came out but now they're having to give up things to grab Cyclon and they aren't just the oppressive damage beasts that they were in the beginning, you have to be a much more finessing player to play Feral Druid correctly. We think C tier is underselling it, Feral Druid is definitely B Tier here. Feral with the right person playing, it can still shred for Austin Unholy, it's still a physical class it does bleed damage that ignores armor and it absolutely cracks in. An Unholy death knight can get decimated by a Feral Druid because all of its pets allow the Feral to proc constant ferocious bites. So Feral Druid is a solid b-tier specialization, the damage Nerfs were a bit heavy-handed, which took Feral Druid from an S-tier specialization down a couple of notches.

21 - Frost Mage (B Tier)

Frost Mage despite not getting any major changes, we will be moving them up to the B tier to reflect the evolving meta. At almost every rating Frost seems to be outperforming Arcane there are a few reasons for this but boils down to the fact that Frost is way more approachable, this includes the fact that it seems to have a lot of instant cast damage and unlike Arcane or fire, it doesn't really need to poly healers nearly as much. Frost Mage stays true to its wizard roots in Solo Shuffle and is a massive annoyance for any melee lobbies which is something that can be difficult for other Wizards. With the periodic threat of Glacial Spike, Frost Mages have unique kill potential that is less reliant on cooldowns compared to other Wizards taken together. We think Frost definitely deserves a spot on the B tier.

22 - Fire Mage (B Tier)

Fire Mage has some limitations that Arcane doesn't, but we also know that a well-played fire Mage is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to representation, fire is lagging behind other specs across the entire ladder, this might simply be the case of Arcane being better, but a more important issue is once again the pace of the meta. Fire needs to spend a lot of time planting its feet and casting Fireballs to reset combustion and while this might have worked in Shadowlands it doesn't seem to be working in Dragonflight especially with healers being as bad as they are. Fire Mage might have gotten a minor damage increase with the patch but we think it is due for a bit of a redesign if it wants to truly flourish in season one.

23 - Enhancement Shaman (B Tier)

If there's a single specialization that desperately requires improvement in Dragonflight, it's undoubtedly the Enhancement Shaman. As one of the few melee DPS specializations without a Mortal Strike effect, Enhance struggles to contribute meaningfully to many encounters, often being reduced to a vulnerable target for the opposing team. Furthermore, Enhance heavily relies on its healing abilities as its primary source of utility, which becomes less effective against high Mortal Strike effects and significant dampening.

24 - Demonology Warlock (B Tier)

Despite undergoing several nerfs, Demonology remains the most well-rounded Warlock specialization. As the only caster DPS specialization with access to healing reduction through Legion Strike, Demonology can seamlessly fit into any encounter.

25 - Devastation Evoker (C Tier)

Devastation Evoker plays like a Frost Mage but it doesn't have spammable CC. It's pretty tough in Solo Shuffle because you go into these triple melee lobbies on Devastation Evoker and it doesn't feel that good right once you're out of your hover charges. We think Dev needs the talent to make the knockback like double the distance or something similar to Typhoon because for the cooldown that it's on it doesn't really do enough.

26 - Subtlety Rogue (C Tier)

The Subtlety specialization for Rogues was recently climbed its way up to the A-tier melee and has been performing remarkably well at the upper echelons of play, particularly in the European region. Despite being a specialization that heavily favors coordinated teamwork, Subtlety Rogues are surprisingly effective in solo environments due to their exceptional control abilities, which allow them to dictate the pace of the game and impede enemy momentum. On the offensive side, Subtlety Rogues are an unstoppable DPS powerhouse. They can pinpoint solo kill opportunities with their devastating Secret Technique ability, which despite undergoing substantial nerfs early on in the expansion, remains capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage.

27 - Holy Paladin (C Tier)

We don't think Holy Paladins should have nerfed what they did, the fact that they made their biggest cooldown cost 5 Holy power is actually kind of a throw, we don't understand why they would have done that. Hopefully, Blizzard fix Holy Paladin, we don't know why melee wings should cost 5 Holy power it's absurd, that is an absurd requirement for an insanely fun way to play the class.

28 - Holy Priest (C Tier)

Holy Priest is probably the worst healer in the meta. It is a bit of a meme if we're being honest, its the most efficient way of healing and involves literally turning itself into an angel for a few seconds and spam-casting spells like their lives depend on it. Hopefully, Blizzard is saving tuning for later in the 10.1 update, since we don't expect a whopping 3% buff is enough to perform a miracle for Holy Priest on our C tier list.

29 - Affliction Warlock (C Tier)

The Affliction specialization has undergone significant changes since its release, and while it may appear to deal high damage at times, it is vulnerable to disruption by melee-heavy encounters. This limitation adversely affects its overall ranking on our tier list.

30 - Fury Warrior (C Tier)

As previously noted, Arms has taken the lead as the dominant PvP specialization for Warriors in Dragonflight. Although Slaughterhouse has been a fundamental aspect of Fury Warrior since the middle of the Shadowlands expansion and has undergone multiple revisions during Dragonflight, its total healing reduction is less reliable than Mortal Strike and Sharpen Blade, which have helped to establish Arms as formidable solo player.

31 - Outlaw Rogue (D Tier)

Currently, the Outlaw Rogue specialization appears to be the weakest of the three options available. Despite retaining certain abilities from the previous expansion, such as a quicker cooldown on Blinding Powder and Float Like a Butterfly, Outlaw lacks the necessary pressure to keep up with its counterparts. Both the Assassination and Subtlety specializations possess superior offensive capabilities, which allow them to outperform Outlaws in most scenarios. Ironically, Subtlety has now emerged as the "tanky" Rogue specialization due to its impressive control and self-healing abilities.

This is our WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Solo Shuffle Tier List based on the known class changes. The ranking may change after the patch is officially released in the game. We will update this article at that time, so stay tuned!

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