WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Gearing Guide (2023)

With so many events popping up in WoW and the new expansion looming just a few weeks away, it might be a good idea to gear up some alts that we haven't been playing much. Check this WoW Dragonflight pre-patch gearing guide for new and returning players, we cover some best ways to get gear for your alts in Dragonflight pre-patch.

WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Gearing Guide - Best Ways To Get Gear For Alts in Dragonflight Prepatch

This guide is mainly tailored to people working on alts or that have done at least a fair amount of content in Shadowlands and maybe just stopped playing after a little while. However, a lot of this should still be pretty useful to people who are just reaching level 60 for the first time as well. The pre-patch events and fated world bosses will be available until World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launches!

If you are returning to the game after a break or planning to roll a Dracthyr Evoker, there is a short guide to help you gear up quickly in the Dragonflight pre-patch.

- Beginning November 15, the pre-patch event drops! You can farm a new currency that can be turned in for Item Level 252 gear.

- Players at Level 60 can queue up for Normal Uldaman, which drops Item Level 278 gear. You can pick up a quest from Khadgar that requires you to clear Uldaman. The reward is an Item Level 278 weapon.

- The 18th-anniversary event world bosses can be defeated daily for Item Level 272 loot.

- All Shadowlands world bosses drop Item Level 285 gear. This resets weekly.

- The Dungeons bonus event available starting November 22 rewards a cache with an Item Level 291 gear piece when you complete 4 Mythic dungeons.

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18th Anniversary Event Bosses (272 Gear)

This is arguably the easiest source of item level 272 gear if you're level 60 which puts it right between the looking for raid and normal mode difficulties of raid gear right now, so it's pretty decent. There are a number of world bosses active for the entirety of the anniversary event, which will be active until the morning of November 27th which is a Sunday for new returning players. The best part of these anniversary World bosses is you have a chance to loot each of them once every day. The first and easiest one to reach is Doom Walker, he's located right outside the main entrance of the Caverns of Time which is down in Tanaris.


Thankfully both Orgrimmar and Stormwind have portals to the Caverns of Time. For Orgrimmar, you'll take a flight of stairs down on the left hand side of the portal room to find the caverns of time portal unceremoniously tucked away like some ill-forgotten workout equipment two weeks after New Year's Day. For the alliance and their large and orderly nice buildings, you'll find the caverns of time portal at the end of the hall on the right hand side of their portal room. The portal rooms are marked on your city maps by a globe shaped icon, however, the one in Orgrimmar kind of Blends in really well with the rest of the red map markings. Regardless once you've entered the caverns of time portal, turn around and you should see a big stomping robot waiting to be dismantled. You may need to find a group for him depending on how populated your server is, but if you're on a fairly busy server, you'll probably see people just pulling them all the time. Once you've slain doomwalker, head back into the caverns of time and you should see some portals that'll take you right back to your respective capital city on the left hand side.


Next up is Azuregos, a blue dragon found in Azshara which is the zone north of Orgrimmar on the content of calendar. For Horde players, this is literally next door, so this is an easy and quick boss to get a kill on. He should be roughly southeast of the secret lab on the map of Azshara.

Lord Kazzak

Lord Kazzak is another boss that will be up every day and he's located in the Blasted Lands over on the Eastern Kingdom's continent. He's located at the altar of the storms which is due west of the dark portal. There are a number of ways to get here, but currently the fastest method for most folks will be to go to the shadowlands capital city Oribos and use the teleporters to go up to the second floor where the flight master is. Near the flight master are a few portals, one of which will be a portal that puts you outside of Kazzak which is literally right next to the blasted lands.

Dragons of Nightmare

These are hard to explain because every day one of the four dragons is active and they're each in specific locations. Taerar is located in Ashenvale, Ysondre is located in Feralas, Emeriss is located in Duskwood and Lethon is in the Hinterlands. They each wait outside of these big portals that take you to the emerald dream and whatever and they drop some very unique Transmog items including rare weapon appearances.

Each of these dragons is up a specific day and they are by far the most annoying world bosses you will ever see in this game ever since they have a ton of fear and stun and sleeping mechanics. So be very careful if fighting them on an undergeared character. The following lists each dragon of nightmare, what day they're active and what zone they're in. So you can then refer back to those map locations. As of the first few days of the anniversary event, this list has been spot on so far. And while these dragons are really annoying to fight, they drop quite a lot of items, so it's definitely worth the hassle on a newer undergeared character.

The following lists each dragon of nightmare, what day they're active and what zone they're in. So you can then refer back to those map locations. As of the first few days of the anniversary event, this list has been spot on so far. And while these dragons are really annoying to fight, they drop quite a lot of items, so it's definitely worth the hassle on a newer undergeared character.

Nov 11, 2022. Friday: Ysondre - Feralas

No 12, 2022. Saturday: Lethon - The Hiterlands

Nov 13, 2022. Sunday: Emeriss - Duskwood

Nov 14, 2022. Monday: Taerar - Ashenvale

Nov 15, 2022. Tuesday: Ysondre - Feralas

Nov 16, 2022. Wednesday: Lethon - The Hinterlands

Nov 17, 2022. Thursday: Emeriss - Duskwood

Nov 18, 2022. Friday: Taerar - Ashenvale

Nov 19, 2022. Saturday: Ysondre - Feralas

Nov 20, 2022. Lethon - The Hinterlands

Nov 21, 2022. Emeriss - Duskwood

Nov 22, 2022. Taerar - Ashenvale

Nov 23, 2022. Ysondre - Feralas

Nov 24, 2022. Lethon - The Hinterlands

Nov 25, 2022. Emeriss - Duskwood

Nov 26, 2022. Taerar - Ashenvale

Nov 27, 2022. Ysondre - Feralas

Shadowlands Fated World Bosses (285 Gear)

There are three active every week and these can reward 285 item level gear once per week each. There will always be one active in one of the four shadowlands Covenant Zones of Bastion, Maldraxxis Ardenweald or Revendreth. But this does change on a weekly cycle. It marked on your world map with a world quest of a gold dragon around a circle and it has a green Pentagon in the center. Just check your world map to see which world quest pops up for which zone. These world bosses should be reachable by anyone even fresh level 60s. The next two however will either be difficult or impossible to get to if you've never done the Korthia or Zereth Mortis campaigns respectively.


Mor'geth is located in the maw just to the south of the sanctum of domination raid entrance. He also has one of those World quest markers with the Pentagon in the middle. This can be a literal nightmare to get to if you can't mount in the maw which you won't be able to if you never did the Korthia campaign. So if you're a new player, this one's kinda rough. It is possible even without a mount, but it's really rough to get there because it's a pretty far run. If you've done the Korthia campaign at least once on your account though, then you will be able to mount there but it's still a crappy World boss to reach. Unless you've unlocked the teleporter skip to desmotaeron with the nari which is a fairly advanced thing that newer people won't really have access to or have enough time to do.


Lastly is Antros, the world boss Zereth Mortis. He's located on the antecedent Isle which is to the northern part of Zereth Mortis. If you can't fly yet, then there is a portal marked on the map to the north that should take you to the floating Isle. This is something you have to unlock by starting Zereth Mortis campaign. So it might not be something a brand new player will be able to access in time. So this might be something wd'd recommend you only do if you just have a bunch of alts you're working on or if you're already working on the Zereth Mortis campaign for your first time, then you will be able to get here. There's just a lot of stuff you have to catch up on as a new player that we don't know if it's worth investing the time to do this unless you already want to do the Shadowland story just so you can do it for the hell of it anyhow. But without flying, it is a little trickier to get around which is something you won't be able to do for a while.

WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch Gear (Vendor - 252 Gear)

Lastly, we have the Dragonflight pre-patch event. This will open up the same day, the new Dracthyr Evokers race are able to be created which is on November 15th for NA players. This event will have a bind on account currency that you earn from doing stuff at these invasions and you're able to use that to purchase 252 item level gear.

Uldaman (Dungeon - 278 Gear)

And there is the new revamped Uldamon dungeon which offers 278 item level gear for loot rewards. There is also a new heirloom trinket that you'll be able to earn which means it's a trinket that all of your characters get to use once you access it.

Veteran Tip: Double 291 Legendaries

Here are some tips for people who are pretty caught up on shadowlands content and are already revered with the enlightened of Zereth Mortis, and therefore can learn the memory of unity you can craft your Unity legendary effect onto any armor slot in the game. So if you have gold burning a hole in your virtual pocket, then you can craft a 291 armor piece to any slot you want with whatever stats you want. Then since legendaries are disabled outside of shadowlands anyhow, you just pick any other legendary memory that you have that fits an armor slot that you want to craft onto and boom. 291 pieces on any character you're willing to spend the resources on. And you can pick the stats that you want on the gear. This is a tip aimed at people that know all the junk and shadowlands and how it works because it would be nearly impossible for a brand new player to meet all of these requirements in time for it to really matter.

Hope this guide on the numerous ways you can get some easy gear before Dragonflight launches helps you out.

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