WoW Dragonflight PvE & PvP Gearing Up Guide: Fast Ways To Get Max iLvl Gear Sets in Dragonflight (2023)

As more and more folks hit max level in WoW Dragonflight, it's time to switch gears and start looking towards increasing our item level, we have limited access to gear and upgrades in these first two weeks before season one starts, and getting the highest item level possible will make sure you have the smooth start to Season 1 that everybody wants, no matter what kind of content you're going to jump into.

WoW Dragonflight Fast Max 380+ iLvL Gearing Guide for PvE & PvP

So here's our early WoW Dragonflight gearing guide and how you can get up to item level 372 and beyond:

1 - Hit Max 70 Level

The first thing you're going to need to do is getting to max level, there isn't really any point in trying to gear up before you hit level 70 that's where all your progress is going to be made, so make sure you hit Max before you try and focus on your item level. When you first hit level 70, you're probably floating around the 310 to 320 item level mark, somewhere around there. There are quite a few item level requirements for some types of content dungeons specifically, so we're going to want to increase that item level as quickly and efficiently as we can.

2 - Craft PvP & PvE Gear with Profession

We are going to start by talking about the profession system because you can get very high item-level gear for a little time investment in this system or a little bit of gold depending on which you'd rather spend.

1.1 - Craft 343 iLvl Gear

If you do professions yourself, you can get to profession skill 50 relatively quickly and painlessly and that will give you access to item level 343 crafted gear. The crafted gear itself starts at item level 333, but you can increase it up to 343 by increasing your skill. And the quality of the item you're crafting at leatherworking 56 with some profession gear and a little bit of specialization, we can guarantee the quality 5 mark on all of my crafts, so we can very easily craft 343 gear. Now some crafted pieces start down at item level 306, but you can increase those up to 343 by using the lowest tier of the upgrade Matrix. You can get this Matrix from World quests, Dungeons, and a couple of other sources.

1.2 - Upgrade 343 iLvl Crafted Gear To Higher Level with Training Matrix

This way lets you skip ahead quite nicely in terms of gearing up, so don't knock professions, they're an incredibly valuable source of gear, especially in the early days of the expansion. You can actually go further than that though if you start running dungeons, you might be lucky enough to get a Training Matrix 2 or 3, or even 4, those let you increase the item level of any crafted piece significantly, so that would be a huge bump up for any crafted gear you have equipped.

1.3 - Craft 382-392 iLvl Gear with Spark of Ingenuity

And then you can actually go one step further right now although it does involve a little bit more of a Time investment, especially in your profession. To the east in Valdrakken, you can find the Engine of Innovation. If you haven't popped by the engine yet, you will have a quest line here that ultimately ends in you obtaining your first Spark of Ingenuity. These Sparks are required in every high-end craft and it seems like you're only going to be able to get one per week right now.

With about 20 professional knowledge, you can unlock your first high-end crafting recipe almost no matter what profession you are using. You can actually craft an item level 382 piece or higher depending on your skill right now, it can go all the way up to item level 392 if you have the appropriate skill and items, that's probably one of the highest item level pieces you can get your hands on this week.

To craft these items you need one spark, some Primal chaos, and then some rare crafting materials, and a bunch of general materials. We just got our first Spark, so that's done the Primal chaos is rewarded from all over the place World quests, daily quests, weekly quests at the end of dungeons, there's a wide variety of places you can get it. And then the other materials are kind of up to you, you can gather them farm them or buy them whatever suits you best.

1.4 - Ask Others To Craft Gear For You Through the Crafting Order System

In WoW Dragonflight, you actually don't have to have the profession yourself to benefit from what a profession can offer, you can use the crafting order system to get something crafted even a bind on pickup item as long as you provide the materials, just pop by the crafting order clerks, punch in what you want and hopefully someone can fill it, so even those epic 382 pieces of gear as long as you get the spark and the Primal chaos you can have someone else craft those higher pieces of gear for you. It might take a while as most folks are probably still leveling their professions and choosing where to put their specialization knowledge, but it's a very high item a little piece of gear that anyone has access to and you should be able to make at least one per week going forward. Now you cannot control the quality of your craft unless you go with a personal or Guild order so that's unfortunate, but you can still get something crafted and have it recrafted later. If you find some of the better profession skill to make those more specific work orders, so you don't lose that much value or really any of the rare materials thanks to the ability to recraft it later.

All in all, professions is an amazing way to gear up early on in WoW Dragonflight, so we'd encourage you to take advantage of them.

2 - Farm 363 iLvl Gear from World Quests

Another great source of gear for absolutely everyone is going to be World quests. World quests on longer timers this time around which means you'll see less variety and fewer World quests overall, but that does give you more time to actually get them done. World quest game rewards scale with your item level so the higher item level you get the better the rewards are going to be most of my world-class rewards are up to item level 350 Gear, but we have seen rewards as high as item level 363 gear from some of the elite World quests. So there's definitely a lot of value in checking your map for good gear rewards, you might just fill in that last low item level slot like those pesky trinkets now.

4 - Farm 346-372 iLvl Gear From Dungeons

If all of that seems like too much work, we also have the usual dungeon route to fall back on:

4.1 - Get 346 iLvl Gear From Normal Dungeons

For Dragonflight Normal dungeons, we'll be dropping item level 346 gear and you can queue into them as soon as you hit level 70 with no item level requirements. It will be random whether or not you actually see any gear drops, so we would highly recommend you professions to skip over this section of the gearing up path, just to give you the best and fastest results. As a quick note, normal dungeons can drop the Matrix level 2 which can be used to upgrade crafted gear to item level 356, so even if you don't get gear those items will still give you access to some upgrades.

4.2 - Get 359 iLvl Gear From Heroic Dungeons

Moving on to heroic dungeons, they're going to drop item level 359 gear, so they're definitely worth running if you're looking to do some easy gearing up. You do need to get up to item level 342 before you can queue into them using the dungeon finder though, so you'll have to get some gear elsewhere before hopping into heroic dungeons. Heroic dungeons can also drop the level 3 Matrix upgrade items allowing you to make crafted gear up to item level 369, so even if you aren't super focusing on crafted gear, they can offer you an efficient side gearing pathway.

4.3 - Get 372 iLvl Gear From Mythic Dungeons

Then the next step up is to head into Mythic dungeons. You can only get loot from each boss on Mythic once per week so the loot is definitely way more restricted if you're lucky you can walk away with item level 372 gear, the trade-off is that you can't queue into this content. You're either going to have to make a group or join a group, it's much easier and way more fun to play with friends or guildies, but if you have to resort to bugging, you can see what they're looking for group Tool has on offer. From our experience, most groups ask for item level 340 to 350 to join somewhere in there and pugs are always going to be wild cards so good luck out there.

4.4 - Collect Level 4 Matrix from Mythic dungeons to Upgrade Your Gear Item Level

Then as an extra bonus, you may have guessed it but Mythic dungeons can also drop level 4 Matrix upgrade items which can take your crafted gear up to item level 382. The chaps who are going to gear up the fastest and get the best available gear are the ones who do dungeons alongside professions, they do definitely seem to go together very well.

While you're gearing up, you should also pick up the dungeon quests available for each dungeon, they're kind of scattered about the place but thankfully some of them ought to accept when you join the dungeon. Each dungeon Quest will give you a choice of gear or water item level 346, so not a super high item level but they can potentially help you fill in some gaps you're doing the dungeons anyway so it's not really any extra effort.

A very important thing to note is that while heroic dungeons do have an item level requirement to cue into them, they do not have an item level requirement if you simply walk into the dungeon. So you can take your full group of 5 and run heroic dungeons. Even if you don't have the item level to cue into them, you just need to go to the portal go to the actual dungeon entrance, and just walk in that can let you skip over the normal dungeon gearing of section and hop straight into heroic, which will probably be fine for the most part dungeons, seem to be relatively easy in Dragonflight by the looks of things and that actually includes Mythic zero dungeons. We would encourage you to try Mythic dungeons though you really don't need a super high item level as long as your group doesn't try to pull the entire dungeon all at once if you want to get the highest item level before the raid comes out you really want to focus on getting Mythic dungeons done and look into those higher item level profession items.

5 - Gearing Up Through PvP Activities

Now as always you can always gear up through some PVP activities as well:

5.1 - Buy 340 iLvl Gear with Honors

It's only unrated PVP for now but you can earn the honor in the typical ways mostly from BG's and then popping over to the honor quartermaster, the unrated PVP gear starter item level 340 and you can upgrade it though the upgrades are currently limited until season 1 starts, so it's useful if all you do is PVP, but the dungeon rewards are going to be far more valuable in general.

5.2 - Buy 366 iLvl with Bloody Tokens

Now something that is new for Dragonflight is that we actually have some gear available for taking part in outdoor PVP content as well, you can find the war mode quartermaster in the PVP building in Valdrakken dragon and you can buy item level 366 gear from this chap, that's actually really good overall for pre-season using gear, you can also upgrade it later on by collecting trophies of strife.

To buy this gear you are going to need Bloody Tokens, you can get Bloody Tokens from killing players in war mode. It's one token per player so that's a very slow but reliable source, you can also get tokens from the war supplies that sometimes drop into zones with war mode on that can get you a couple hundred. So if you see a war cache dropping be sure to secure it for your faction. Then there are also War mode only World quests sometimes they reward hundreds of bloody tokens, but even if their specific reward is not bloody tokens completing these World quests can net you about 50 bloody tokens by the looks of things, but remember you will need to have War mode on to even be able to see them.

Collect all those bloody tokens together and you might be able to buy yourself some shiny 366 gear which can later be upgraded into 385 gears, so definitely worth looking into.

5.3 - Buy 389 iLvl Ring with Cobalt Assembly Reputation

To start with we have the Cobalt Assembly reputation farm over the Cobalt assembly in the Azure span, you can find Steiz - the quartermaster over here, he sells item level 389 rings with special effects for tanks healers and DPS, you can only equip one of them but this is probably the highest item level ring available until season 1 starts, so it's incredibly valuable, especially given that it has a special effect. To get the required reputation, all you have to do is Farm the mobs in the elite area of the Cobalt assembly, you need the power level to go up too high, this is actually a sub reputation of the Val Dragon Accord so you can very easily check your progress in the reputation window. This does take a while, it's like two to three hours of straight mob farming, so it's up to you, the Rings are quite powerful though.

5.4 - Get Gear that Scales With Your iLvl from Siege on Dragonbane Keep Event

Then there's also the Siege on Dragonbane Keep event, you can find this in the Waking Shores, the horn on the map shows you when the next event it will start. At the very end of this event, you'll get a box with a variety of rewards including the chance at a piece of gear that scales with your item level, so the higher you are when you complete it the better gear you will get. You can only complete this once per week, for the big box subsequent rewards aren't as good.

5.5 - Get Gear Upgrades from Valdrakken Aiding the Accord

The weekly quest in Valdrakken Aiding the Accord also rewards you with a box that can contain some nice gear upgrades. We do believe this one also scales with your item level, so you'll probably want to open it later on in the week to maximize the potential rewards.

5.6 - Unlock iLvl 376/389 Gear Rewards from Factions

We can also talk about reputation rewards at certain Renown levels, you can unlock gear rewards from the 4 major factions in Dragonflight, the renowned levels are quite high however so you will most likely have much better options for gearing up by the time you get to the required rep levels, but you can get item level 376 and item level 389 gear depending on the Renown level required. So if you don't want to do dungeons or raid long term, these could be a good source of higher item level gear for you.

That's pretty much it all of your options for gearing up right now as well as what we think would be the most efficient when season 1 starts later in December the new raid will open up the Mythic+ season will start and will be able to play in rated PVP to earn conquest and higher item level PVP gear. The elemental invasions will also kick off giving casual World content solo players a chance at some higher item level gear. All of those activities will offer significantly better gear but they're also going to be much harder, so the more gear you get right now the easier your entrance into season 1 will be.

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